Gartner Design Company is a comprehensive design firm specializing in design , programming, planning, and project management. We are a unique firm in that we are trained as architects and interior designers, but also have over twenty five years of experience in the theme park, museum, events, expo’s, festivals, commercial interiors and film industries. With this diverse design and technical background, we are able to communicate to the different professionals, to help the client create a full entertainment or educational experience that is both innovative as well as cost effective.

The following are some of the services we provide:

  • Interior Design for Retail, Restaurants, and Resorts
  • Art Direction, Set Design and Decoration (Film, Television, Stage, and Commercials)
  • Planning and Design for Museums and Museum Exhibit Design
  • Planning and Design for Theme Parks
  • Planning and Design for Events, Festivals, Expo’s, and Trade Shows
  • Graphic Design (Environmental Graphics, Display Graphics for Shows, Theme Parks and Museums, Branding, Packaging, and User Experience Design)

We are experienced in directing a project from design inception to completion, but also contract to do independent components for a project (project coordination as owners representative, project budgets, programming, creating a story line and script with the client, concept and visual identity, project design to include full drawing and specification packages, project management, coordination of show or exhibit design and technology integration).